Le vélo pour repérer les chemins praticables

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Le vélo pour repérer les chemins praticables

Messagepar luilegeant » Mar 18/08/2015 08:35

Voici un petit article sur lequel je suis tombé.
Le système enregistre les variations du sol et permet d'en extraire une carte avec la qualité de la route.

bike-measures-bumpy-roads-thumb.png (44.89 Kio) Vu 4593 fois

If you live in New England (like me) you know that the roads take a pounding in the winter. Combine this with haphazard maintenance and you get a recipe for biking disaster: bumpy, potholed roads that can send you flying over the handlebars. Project Dekoboko aims to help a little with this, by helping you map and avoid the bumpiest roads and could be a godsend in this area.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize entry from [Benjamin Shih], [Daniel Rojas], and [Maxim Lapis] is a device that clips onto your bike and maps how bumpy the ride is as you pedal around. It does this by measuring the vibration of the bike frame with an accelerometer. Combine this with a GPS log and you get a map of the quality of the roads that helps you plan a smooth ride, or which could help the city figure out which roads need fixing the most.

bike-measures-bumpy-roads-thumbThe project is currently on its third version, built around an Arduino, Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger shield, and a protoboard that holds the accelerometer (an Analog ADXL345). The team has also set up a first version of their web site, which contains live data from a few trips around Berlin. This does show one of the issues they will need to figure out, though: the GPS data has them widely veering off the road, which means that the data was slightly off, or they were cycling through buildings on the Prinzenstrasse, including a house music club. I’ll assume that it was the GPS being inaccurate and not them stopping for a rave, but they will need to figure out ways to tie this data down to a specific street before they can start really analyzing it. Google Maps does offer a way to do this, but it is not always accurate, especially on city streets. Still, the project has made good progress and could be useful for those who are looking for a smooth ride around town.

Une image, deux images et une vidéo.

Source: Hackaday.com
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Re: Le vélo pour repérer les chemins praticables

Messagepar Minoustate » Mar 18/08/2015 08:36

Merci Luilegeant
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Re: Le vélo pour repérer les chemins praticables

Messagepar lgnap » Mar 18/08/2015 10:08

C'est de la balle ce truc !
Plus qu'a sortir son fer à souder ;-)
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